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Multi-user: (on a per user basis)

  • edit entire site
  • edit only a list of pages
  • edit only in one folder area
  • Block editing (allow editing of the full page, or just parts of it)

    Embed complex forms that submit to an email address

    Built-in backups and backup management

    Text, images, tables, forms, links, uploads, etc.

    Exclude editing of dynamic content (scripts, flash, ssi, etc)

    Auto-write edits to server included files (ssi, asp, php)

    Installs on Linux/Apache or Windows/IIS servers.

    Runs in Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers on Windows or Mac.

    Auto-updates to keep your installation secure and feature rich.

    Embed audio

    Embed video file into page

    Embed thumbnails into page to launch video file

    Single-thumbnail image galleries (built-in thumbnail re-sizing)

    Multiple-thumbnail image galleries (built-in thumbnail re-sizing)

    Slideshow creation (thumbnails replace main image) (built-in thumbnail re-sizing)

    CSS Style manager for text

    Head tag management (Description & Keyword Meta tags)

    Author/Publisher (author user edits - publisher user approves)

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