The magic happens here - a new toolbar appears after login!

Welcome - you are about to experience the simplest, easiest to use yet powerful online web-page editor available! No steep learning curve and very intuitive to use.

To view the main features of the web-editor please click HERE

IMPORTANT: The editor requires popups to be allowed in your browser, and will work in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

To start, please login as follows:


1. Click this LINK to go to the login page. NB: This page will remain open for reference.

2.Enter the Username as "demo" and the Password as "password".

3.Once logged in, click the yellow "Open Folder" icon at top left and select the file "demo.html"

4.As the page opens, you will see along the top of the page a set of icons which control various functions allowing editing of all page elements. Descriptions of the functions are found HERE   NB: some icons are not displayed on the demo page for security reasons.

This page is designed with a simple layout to use as a demo page allowing users to see how the basic editing functions operate and to get the feel of the editing system. For this purpose a number of functions are disabled for security reasons amongst which are the following:

1. There is no "Save" or "Save As" button
2. It is not possible to edit directly any HTML or CSS code
3. Uploads (of images etc.) are disabled but you can insert any image already uploaded. These are found in the "images" folder.

Pages may be set up to allow for editing of all elements or only certain page elements or sections for safety. This demo page uses "editblocks" and users will see that clicking anywhere on the page other than within the marked/labelled editblock area does not allow any edits or changes to be made within that excluded block.

You can set the attributes (image size, alignment etc) of an image when you select it for insertion. To edit an image once inserted, double click on the image and use the popup which appears, to edit it's attributes.

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